Electric Power Outage Tracking Products

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Tier 1 license (1 year) N/A $550/user (1-2 users)
Tier 2 license (1 year) N/A $500/user (3-6 users)
Tier 3 license (1 year) N/A $450/user (7+ users)
Enterprise license (1 year) N/A from $8000
Selection Features
National View
State Detail View
Multi-State Detail View
Pre-defined Regions View
Filter on Specific Counties
Filter on Specific Utilities
Map Features
City/Street Backgrounds
Zoom and Pan
Weather/Hazard Overlays
Resize Options
User Defined Legends
Chart Features
Daily Trends
Hourly Trends
Resize Option
Data Updates
Frequency 60 minutes 15 minutes
Outage and Utility Table Features
Outage Alerts
User defined alerts
User alert management
Email notification of alerts
Text notification of alerts
Web interface alert flag
View Manager
User defined views
Export/Import/Linked Views
Operations Center Mode
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